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Jerry Maske
It got worse. I was in the process of cutting the rings on a scroll saw, Dewalt 788, when IT QUIT! No reason I can find. Motor housing was cool, fuse is okay, it just won't run. Well, I've had this one for the better part of ten years and, frankly, found it awkward to run at best, so, I took the plunge.

Did my homework and found that the Jet, despite it's $$$ is as good as it gets. So there's a new scroll saw coming to live here. An interesting "thing" happened while I was looking around at various sites that had them; THEY LOWERED THEIR PRICES. Not kidding. I went back to a site and the price had dropped by $100. Another one threw in free shipping on my return visit. Never seen that happen before.

Anyway, I'm anxious to get it here. I'm stopped dead on cutting my rings. I could cut the board in half and use the bandsaw, but that requires glueing things back together and I'm not fond of that.

More as things progress as well as a review of the Jet.


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