Stupid Question

Jerry Maske
I've been at this long enough that a question like this should never be an issue. But I really DON'T know the answer. And apart from having wood flying all over the shop as I experiment, I thought I'd ask and embarrass myself; be gentle, please.

I'm making a Dizzy Bowl. A Bowl from a Board consisting of lots of different kinds of wood glued together into a 12 x 12 x 3" block. Next step is to re saw it into 1/4 pieces. I need six to do the design I think I'm going to try. If I can get more than six, I'll expand the height. Now, the question.

Once I have a 1/4" x 12" piece, I draw circles on it at the appropriate diameter. Getting the circles cut out is the issue. There's lots of ways to do it, including cutting the piece in half and using a band saw. The way I'm trying, however, puts the entire square onto the lathe on a backing plate. I screw the sides in place and bring up the tail stock.

Now, I'm going to try using a 1/16th" Sorby fluted parting tool because several other wood workers have advised me that it works well. And I want the kerf in the cut to be as narrow as possible.

My embarrassing question is LATHE SPEED! The folks who have advised me said they had no idea how fast they ran their lathes when they did this process and refused to say anymore.

So, my question is, under the conditions I've quoted, how fast should I turn the lathe to get a clean cut? I'll be going into a flat piece of wood consisting of lots of thin strips that have been smoothed out and will be 1/4" thick, or less depending on how aggressive I get with the sanding.

Sorry to bore you with such a stupid, rookie question but I really don't know if slow or fast is the right way to go.


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