Re: Diamond card Lube and cleaning

Vince Welch
Hi Bill,
You may get answers across the board on this one... Here is what I can tell you. I offer DMT products. American made since 1976 and I believe they are the best! Like all good things DMT has been copied and manufactured over seas by a certain company(s). Here is an illustration of the difference you will find between DMT and their competitors.
I spoke to DMT about lapping fluid. This is what was explained to me and it made good sense... When you are honing are you creating any heat? No... You do not need any fluid when honing! You should not need any lubrication when honing a 1-2 inch stoke back and forth a few times. You are not creating any heat! It was told to me...$12.95 for 4oz of fluid!?!?! Don't complain about the cost of gas if you are willing to pay for this...lol DMT said if a fluid was really needed they would have created it years ago! However, if one is determined to use something... simple water can be used... then an old tooth brush to clear any residue from the card is recommended because that is what is going to build up on the card... residue!
While we are at it I know there are CBN hones out there! CBN is much softer than Diamond and again because there is no heat build up when honing you would want a Diamond hone before a CBN hone. CBN is harder than marshmallows and is used on grinding wheels where there is a heat exchange... that is a different story but for honing... Diamond hone all the way! Again folks may have a different opinion on this I am not trying to stir things up but rather share some facts. I hope this helps.

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