A 3420?

John K Jordan
I couldn't see the Facebook page but I assume there is a photo showing it is a 3520b model.

A used 3520b in good condition (and good paint) can be found for $3000, sometimes less. (Mine had the bed extension included at that price.) Could be some good deals coming up when the "c" model hits the streets.

Something sounds odd. "smoke damage and heat damage from an adjacent room fire. Motor and all electronics were destroyed. Lathe bed and headstock are ok with some smoke damage. "

How was a fire in the next room hot enough to destroy the motor and electronics but only have smoke damage to the rest?

What about the bearings, the belt, the knobs, top rubber pad, leg levelers, lubrication on all moving parts (locking levers, etc). Is the spindle in perfect shape? Are steel parts oxidized (rusted) from the heat? Were hardened steel parts affected? Does it have all the accessories in good shape (faceplate, live center, tool rest)?

I assume "all electronics" destroyed included the RPM display, switches, and wiring - will you have to rebuild those with replacement parts and at what additional expense? (Perhaps ask PM) If the fire was hot enough, I might be concerned with the bed casting - was it hot enough to warp the bed?

I know you can find a 3-phase motor and a VFD is not expensive, although it might be tricky to program without experience (but not impossible, and people will help). When I replaced one on a Jet 1642 Harvey Meyer helped me with parameters and pointers.

I'm not saying I wouldn't consider it but I'd take a close look. Assuming the castings are OK, if you have to replace the motor, VDF, all controls and display, belt, bearings, and perhaps the spindle and live center the cost may be closer to or even exceed $2000, plus a huge amount of work. I read of someone finding one for around $2500 ready to turn.

Might be a fun project, though!


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