duplicating turnings *PIC*

john lucas
Well I didn't have to go from a drawing. My customer brought me 2 finials. Both just a little different. He needed 6. these aren't exact duplicates because the price we decided on dictated that. The spindles will be 12 feet in the air and 6 feet apart so for all practical purposes they are identical.
Here are the tools I have laid out to get all the dimensions accurate. The only wood I could get was just a hair too small so I subtracted 8% from all the dimensions. Unless you measure you will never be able to tell I did that. Here is one of the finials he left me. All the tools are labeled by number and a written description of the steps I planned to turn matches those numbers. So I just look at step #1 and then pick up the # 1 measuring tools. Outside calipers for the dimensions. Pointed calipers for the spacing.
Here is a photo of one of them just before I started sanding. We have been having a discussion on another website about what grind I use and whether or not a finer grind leaves a better finish. This was done mostly with my Thompson 1/2" spindle gouge ground on a 180 grit CBN wheel and then honed using a 600 grit diamond hone. I think the finish speaks for itself. I just touched them up with 180 grit. He is going to paint them so I could have just left them alone but I wanted them all to look really finished when i handed them over to him and the sandpaper evens out the appearance.

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