Re: Turning blanks for boxes

Reed Gray
I went to the Symposium in Arizona a few years back. The ferules on the tools I took down still have not swelled up to fit again... Furniture places there do a big repair business for pieces that have moved in...

With threaded boxes, 1 1/2 inch diameter is pushing the limits for wood movement. I turned a number of threaded boxes in that size and slightly larger, and went from Oregon down to Davis CA for a show. The boxed dried out some more due to the drier climate. The lids would still come off, but would be tight/loose/tight/loose as I unscrewed them. Never sure if they ever go back to round once they move.

Oh, in Arizona, it was easy to tell the locals. They came through the convention center wearing long pants, and sweaters and jackets. There I was in shorts and T shirt sweating.....

robo hippy

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