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Barry Irby
Good advice so far.

I rough turned several dozen years ago out of various woods. Lost very few. In general I agree with John. Don't turn them to a final shape that commits you to a design. Your taste may change and probably will. You can turn them round and hollow them slightly after cutting off the lid. Just drill a hole down the center may be enough to help reduce the stresses and allow for faster drying.

Theoretically if you keep the two pieces together they will warp and change similarly. If you have very consistent straight grained blanks the boxes will match up nicely and if they warp they will warp together and even though they might be slightly oval they will be matching ovals. This on't work for threaded boxes but may not be a disaster on loose lid boxes.

But. if you have wood with spectacular grain the warping may be more problematic. OTOH, spectacular grain looks great. For example, walnut that is part heartwood and part sap wood Can produce very interesting boxes if you can keep the grai match.

Walnut dries fairly easily.

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