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john lucas
Haven't read what the others have said but i make a lot of blanks for ornaments, and boxes and maybe spindle turnings in general. What I do is when a log starts to split and I know I won't get around to turning bowls or other large things I go to the bandsaw. I then cut squares as big as I can at first and as long as I can handle on the bandsaw. Usually that's between 16 and 20" (think firewood size). I might get a 5x5 piece, and then some 4x4 or 3x3 and on down to 1x1 for finials and such. Sometimes I saw them into rectangles because I might end up using them for short wide boxes.
I seal the ends by dipping them in melted wax.
I put them up and weight them occasionally. When they stop losing weight I know they are dry. May take a year or more on larger pieces.
I really lose very little. I don't like to rough turn boxes and put them up because it means I have to make them that size when I get back to them. If I let the wood dry fairly large then I can make whatever box suits my fancy. When I get around to turning one I do turn them almost to size and let them sit up overnight to stabilize. I have made quite a few without doing this and they seem to be OK but If I want a really good fit especially with threaded lids I let them stabilize.

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