Re: A long overdue progress report

Hi David, the original shop was 20' x 40' with the floor in 3 levels, dictated by the slope; this time the land was prep and it is all leveled, I went with a smaller footprint, 18' x 26' there is a 5' partition that will be divided into a machine room, all the noise makers, furnace, compressor, dust collector will be there, and a large closet, independent from the machine room, with lots of shelves and a de-humidifier, to be filled with rough bowls and run now and then. Although once turned bowls do sell, I like the twice turned best and they are my best sellers.
so the shop proper will be roughly 18' x 20' 4 times the space I have now, who limits my production severely, and now I can dream of perks like a band saw and perhaps a joiner-planer as well, I used to make furniture and people still ask me to make them things.
Another little pleasure will be to use my Nova 3000 again, and play with a rose engine for it I found in a rust depot, it is not rusted, pristine.

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