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John K Jordan
>>>John, I do believe you have got the hang of this process. Your stuff is always top notch. Using a Baxter makes you wonder why anyone chases threads by hand.

Hand chasing is next for me. I think it would be fun to learn! Lots of people have asked me if I hand-chased the threads. I don't know whether they were expecting it or whether they were hoping to be impressed. :) Mark StLeger visited our club a few months ago and made chasing threads look easy...

>>>A suggestion you might want to consider; I have found that using threaded inserts (made on the Baxter) makes grain alignment a piece of cake and the max width of the parting cut is about 3/32".

Yikes, where's the fun in that?! That is one thing I want to try sometime. My thought was to turn and thread some inserts on the metal lathe from brass or black Delrin or Ebony or something on the Baxter.

>>>A set of magnets properly aligned will cause the lid to "pop" off as shown in this months AAW J and for this, I still use inserts to hold the magnets. Alignment, if you drill correctly, is perfect and a lot less hassle.

I saw the article about the magnets. Saw a guy do that here a couple of years ago. What I didn't like was the line from cutting and rejoining the pieces to hide the magnets. You can see the line on the photos in the AAW magazine so I'm sure you could see them in the hand. I'd almost rather let the magnets be visible in the two halves or maybe hide them under a ring of brass or something. I didn't think of hiding them in an insert.

Good to hear from you Ralph! Hope things are well and you are still doing phenomenally creative things! When are you going to visit here? - you could come and do a club demo while in town!


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