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john lucas
I suppose it's possible but I don't want to push my welcome. He was already nice enough to interupt his schedule to do the Hunter tool. They normally charge $135 an hour to do those jobs. As retired staff he fit me in and I don't want to take unfair advantage of that. I only threw the Hunter carbide in because I knew they were sharp out of the box and thought it might be interesting if my friend had the time. I was actually amazed at how busy his schedule is for the use of that machine.
The Hunter carbide tools are highly polished unlike other carbides I have seen which is partly why I thought it might be a good comparison. I really didn't expect carbide to be in the ball park of the other tools and started to not do it but when I talked to my Friend who runs the SCM he said sure bring it in and we will just see if it's any good.

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