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David Walser
I agree with Lan. This Delta model and similar Powermatic lathes from the same era are well made machines. If you're turning small projects or spindles, they are a good choice -- particularly if you upgrade to electronic speed control.

Dale Nish, the founder of Craft Supplies USA, had one of these lathes in his basement shop. He could have had any of the modern lathes, but he bought a quality used one from the local school district when they discontinued their shop classes. I asked him about it when he gave me a tour of his shop. (I was taking a class he was teaching at CSUSA and he'd invited all of us over to his house.) He said that for the small bird houses and ornaments he turned in his spare time, the old lathe was all he needed. And, if he wanted to turn something larger, he could always go to CSUSA. (Most of us don't have that option.)

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