Re: Are you trying to remove the chuck or index?

John K Jordan
>>>John.....I'm not using my index pin to lock-up the spindle.....indexing pins are only designed to index.

I didn't think so, but I mentioned that in case someone reading thought that might be a good idea. The thread from the fellow who broke his casting indicated the new Grizzly and perhaps some of the older models are designed it this way, I assume to save a few dollars. The gentleman wrote "According to my Manual they are indexing holes also used as a spindle lock." Some others in the thread proposed a solution to avoid this problem - use a different index hole on the casting with a little more metal around it. Yikes!

Do you think you will use the indexing? If so, I hope it's better than that on the Jet and Powermatic lathes - those are horrible! Not the least bit intuitive and the some of the angles I wanted were missing. Perhaps your lathe has better indexing. I bought an indexing wheel that fits on the spindle behind the chuck with many angles, all clearly labeled.

BTW, I always use a wrench to remove chucks. I've bought several used chucks and one was deformed from using a chuck key. Knowing this guy and seeing other damage to a second chuck from him, he probably used a cheater bar on everything. Or maybe he turned into the Hulk in his shop. :)


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