Are you trying to remove the chuck or index?

Dick Coers
The index pin is fine for the task of doing equally spaced work on bowls or spindles.
It is NOT appropriate, nor even designed, for removing the chuck or faceplates. Many have sheared off the pin attempting such a task. You must use the provided wrench.
That was the first lathe I owned. Once I found out what a real bowl turning lathe could be, I couldn't get rid of it fast enough. Noisy high maintenance reeves drive, and much too fast at the minimum speed for bowl work of much size. It is a fine example of vintage technology before turning became a wider endeavor of art and decorative turning. It's of the vintage where we didn't even have a scroll 4 jaw chuck. I'd even suggest it was in part a limiting factor for school children to produce much more than a small dog bowl style bowl. Nothing like the fear factor of turning a wet blank at 500 rpm on your first bowl!

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