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David Walser
Roger -- I've not turned on that particular model of lathe. However, for many lathes of that era, you prevent the spindle from turning by use of a wrench. A spindle lock, like electronic variable speed control, became common a few decades after your lathe was made.

You say the lathe has an index wheel. For most purposes, that should suffice. My lathe's spindle lock is also its index wheel. Mine uses a spring-loaded steel pin to lock the spindle into one of 24 locations. The 1/4" diameter pin wouldn't be strong enough to stop the lathe if it were spinning full speed, but it's plenty strong to keep it from starting to spin! When someone forgets to unlock the spindle before turning the lathe one, all that happens is the belt starts to squeal -- very loudly! (I only know this because I've heard that squealing when others are using my lathe. I never forget to unlock the spindle. Honest. Would you believe hardly ever?)

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