Question...... *PIC*

roger lance
I'm not a turner.....but I have a lathe and I'm trying to become more competent on it.

So, I'm asking a much more knowledgeable group....How do I secure the head stock on this lathe from turning?? It does not have a specific feature built into the lathe that I'm aware of.....no mention of how to do this in the owners manual either.

I've seen an interesting video by Mr. Beall who showed a method when using a spindle chuck......turn the bango/tool support around and use the chuck's tightening bar inserted in the chuck and resting on that backwards placed tool rest.....I've tried that.....it works.....but, I am curious if there is another way.

The lathe does have an indexing pin.....but this seems to flimsy to put much pressure on.....I fear that I'd only mess it up by depending on that to
stabilize the lathe spindle.

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