Re: Thoughts on collet chucks......

roger lance
I have a preference for buying American over China made tools. So, I've been favoring the Beall collet chuck over the Apprentice.

However, I recently received a Beall spindle tap which was made in China.....just had the Beall name applied to it. There are an abundance of ER 32 collets on the market.....easy to get in a multitude of sizes both metric and standard.....and I'm assuming that Beall does not make their own collets but rather purchases them on the open market and therefore the collets they use could also be coming from China. So, we are really talking about the chuck bodies.....which Beall may make or have made here.

I quit like Mr. Beall.....he has enjoyable videos on YouTube and has a good sense of humor.....I'd like to help make him rich.....but, I also am concerned about my own limited wealth if there are no actual differences between these products.

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