Re: Earl, the problem with such glossy......

john lucas
Photographing glossy things is difficult. You have to make the reflection what you want. In most cases it's the lights and photographer that shoes up so you have to figure out a way to hide those. I have lots of tricks I use.
I will have to bring some lights over and try to shoot your Lamas. I once had to shoot actual coal inside a coal fired chimney to show how some protective coating the engineers developed worked. Had to crawl through a small opening and into the actual furnace. Hand held flash units were all that would fit in there with me so it was a challenge. We used to joke about shooting black cats in a coal bin and then there I was. Same thing with glossy. We used to joke about shooting a chrome trailer ball and then an artist from the Craft center made mirrored Spheres and needed photos. Quite a challenge.

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