Glossy Dyed Tiger Maple *PIC*


For several years I have been applying a very high gloss finish to pieces dyed with TransTint dye to enhance the grain patterns. The gloss really pops the chatoyancy of the wood grain, and adds depth to the appearance that is often mistaken for glass. Several coats of Krylon Crystal Clear Glaze or many layers of lacquer are required to build some thickness, but the secret to the gloss depth is the final steps in the finishing process. I hand wet sand the finish surface to level with 600 grit discs, followed by wet sanding with 3M Trizact Hookit II foam backed discs of 1000 then 3000 grit. This is all to prep a polishing trick I learned from Gary Sanders in a coloring/finishing workshop at the Folk School years ago, and the final polish is the secret! Using a French polishing type cotton pad, apply and hand buff the surface with Nu Finish car polish. I was astonished, for I had used this polish on my cars for years, never thinking of using it on wood! The resultant gloss is outstanding, and the polished surface has a hard surface seal that is much more durable than any wax I have ever used, and quite hard, significantly resisting fingerprints. No mechanical buffing required, which often burns through finishes, and no having the work pieces snatched from my hands at a buffing wheel! There are several materials from the custom car world that are quit applicable in the wood finishing arena, and this one is a gem!

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