Two Jordans *PIC*

John K Jordan
John has been promising to come visit John for a long time and the occasion of John's demo yesterday at the Knoxville turning club was a good opportunity. John got the nickle tour of John's place and was introduced to the horses, llamas, bees, guineas, baby peacocks, and even the shop. John didn't clean up the shop for John; John cleans up the shop for no man. John had a great time; hope John did too!

The photo is low quality but the visit was not. John's demo at the club was well received and held everyone's attention - lots of inspiration from beautiful hollow forms and carving, a good education on how to turn quality wood instead of junk, ways to orient pieces in the log, how the wood moves with each choice, and why. No one left early!

(Unsolicited suggestion: If you haven't invited John to your club for a demo, you might consider it. :))

A pleasant surprise in the slide show was a picture of the new grandson!


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