Re: What are your woodturning lessons learned?

robo hippy
Well, I haven't stopped learning... One big one was watching Chris Stott turn the inside of a bowl with the 1 handed push cut. Another was seeing Ashley Harwood turn her delicate finials with no finger as a steady rest on the back side of the finial. Both of which are 'the bevel should rub the wood, but the wood should not know it'. This follows John Lucas's post about turning the long spindle. Still learning new cutting techniques and playing around with burnished burrs on my scrapers for shear scraping.

Engineer's motto: "If it ain't broke, take it apart and fix it anyway."

Oh, on kiln/kill dried wood. Easiest way to explain it is take a board from standard kiln drying and rip it on a table saw and you get dust. Take a board that is air dried, vacuum kiln dried, or solar kiln dried and rip it and you get shavings. I have never had any movement from these boards when I rip a 2 by piece so I can bookmatch a set of boards for a table top. Kill dried always spring and cup.

robo hippy

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