Re: What are your woodturning lessons learned?

John C Lucas
Charles Alvis a former AAW president used to start every demo with "why are we here" and the crowd would answer "to have fun". Thats rule #1. Rule #2 is practice which wont happen without rule #1. Sharpening a d understanding how tools cut are very important lessons. 80% of what i turn is from either kiln dried wood or air dried. One of the most important lessons is to learn and understand how wood moves. When you understand that you can work ith green wood, dry wood, etc. If your tools are sharp it doest matter how hard or soft the wood is. Last but not least is to make what you want. Although i would love for you to learn to use cutting tools because i think you will enjoy this hobby more the most important thing is to simply make what you love, i dont care if you use a file as a scraper a d a sharpened screwdriver.

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