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Dennis in Southern Oregon
John thanks for your interest. I bought the bearing at my local Ace Hardware Center. I chose it from among lots of alternatives for its size and apparent strength to hold axial loads. I do not recall whether the store display indicated its intended use. It is a Chinese unit marked as follows: 508Z FIT-435. I am not a bearing specialist, but maybe these mean something to you. The size is as follows: OD 0.865-in or 22mm, ID 0.313-in or 8mm, W 0.29-in or 7mm.

Following is another shot of one of the aluminum chucks showing the pair of holes for a retaining screw and a larger hole for a toggle bar to tighten it onto the live center. These and the bearing/spring retainers were made from a piece of 1-inch round bar stock. All boring, tapping and machining were done on my wood lathe with mostly woodturning tools and a Jacobs chuck in the tailstock. I see no reason why the chucks could not be threaded all the way through or even with different diameters and pitches on the two ends.
I look forward to seeing your record-breaking long, skinny wand!

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