Oops Oops

Dennis in Southern Oregon

As I was headed to bed last night, I realized that the above procedure was incorrect in part. I ran these experiments a year and a half ago and forgot some of fine points. Here is the correct procedure (I went to the shop and verified it this morning):

1. Mount the spindle in the two chucks and secure them. The wing nut should be just started.

2. With the tailstock unlocked, extend the live center as much as possible. Then lock the tailstock.

3. Temporarily put a pin through the locking hole in the live center so the latter will not turn.

4. Turn wing nut to compress the spring fully (or the amount that gives the desired tension).

5. Retract tailstock until spring is barely compressed. (Any further may pop Morse taper out of its socket.)

6. Repeat 4 and 5 until 5 will not extend spring any more.

7. Extend tailstock a tad so that any load that it is bearing transfers fully to the spring.

8. Remove locking pin from live center.

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