Clever! *PIC*

John K Jordan
This John is saving your picture too. In fact, I took most of what you wrote in this thread and put it and the pictures into a Word document to save in my Thin Spindles document folder. Very clever design, thanks, and a lot simpler than I imagined. I suspect lots of readers are saving this.

Do you remember the bearing you used for those who go to buy one?

This will be simple to make for those who have metal-cutting lathes. (For those who don't, remember you can always machine aluminum on the wood lathe with standard woodturning tools!)
You could probably make and sell these (in your spare time! :))

A question about your shopmade aluminum "chuck". When I saw the hole in the side of your tailstock chuck and assumed it was for a rod to fasten and unfasten it from the live center:

Then you mentioned you "drive a small screw through the aluminum chuck to lock the tenon in place." Is that hole in the side for the screw?

I also wonder if the aluminum sleeve could be threaded all the way through. Then a tenon slightly oversized could be force-threaded into one end. I often make taps and dies by cutting slots across the threads of nuts and bolts with a Dremel or a triangular file. This works well for threading wood. I've notched the end of my 1/4-20 drawbar for this reason, to tap threads in the little morse taper on spindles to keep an unsupported piece tight in the headstock taper.

I may just have to try turning that 48" long 1/2" to 1/16" taper now!


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