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Dennis in Southern Oregon
John, the following picture shows the device I made to provide tension on the spindle. You are correct; you need a drawbar to keep the live center in place. The make-up of the unit, reading left to right is as follows: a nut to fit the piece of all-rod used for the drawbar, the aluminum “chuck” threaded to fit the nose of the live center, the live center, the tailstock (not shown), a fender washer, a shop-made aluminum bearing outer retainer, a ball thrust bearing, a shop-made aluminum bearing inner retainer, a spring that requires a measured 55 pounds of pressure to fully close it, a fender washer, and finally a wing nut. All of the added parts are light weight and of small diameter so do not add a lot of moment of inertia to the basic live center.
To use it, I chuck the spindle between a Vicmarc chuck with pin jaws and the shop made aluminum chuck attached to the live center and drive a small screw through the aluminum chuck to lock the tenon in place. With tailstock unlocked, I extend the live center a few inches (more than the amount of compression that the spring will experience). Then, I lock the tailstock in position, run the wing nut up against the washer and the inner bearing retainer, and retract the live center until the spring is completely compressed.

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