Re: long thin spindles

Dennis in Southern Oregon
Nice wands there, John! You might be interested in another result when one adds tension to the spindle. I ran some experiments in which I anchored the tenon in the tailstock "chuck" by threading a screw crosswise through them and then applying 55 pounds of tension using a spring-loaded contraption that I won't attempt to describe here. After turning the spindle down in diameter just to the onset of chatter without tension (about 0.5 inches), I applied tension and continued turning until chatter began to develop again. This occurred at a diameter of about 0.4 inches. This translates into a reduction of achievable diameter of about 46% compared to that obtained when turning between centers. I can visualize practical means for applying tension in a production environment, but I don't know if it would be worth the effort. Maybe someone would like to set a record in the the Guiness woodturning book or records.

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