Re: long thin spindles *PIC*

John K Jordan
>>>...mounting the drive end in a chuck and using a live center at the other end will allow about 30% increase in spindle length for a given spindle diameter...
A simple, effective, chuck for the outboard end is easily made...
...The above performance numbers came from engineering calculations and direct experimental confirmation that were posted on the AAW Turning Forum in August 2016.

I'm the different John, but I absolutely agree with what you said about gripping at least one end tightly. I use either a chuck, or for small diameter spindles turn a morse taper on the end, and teach the same. I certainly can believe the numbers - in my experience holding one end rigidly makes the first 1/3 or so more rigid. This depends somewhat on the wood - some are inherently more flexible than others. You can actually feel the huge difference by flexing the spindle with the hand.

I never thought of making a jam chuck of sorts for the tailstock. That will certainly be an upcoming project. I've threaded lignum vitae for tailstock pieces - that might work as well as aluminum, at least for thin spindles.

One wand here shows the morse taper I cut for the headstock. They should be even easier with a matching one for the tailstock, at the expense of another 3/4" or so of wood.


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