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Dennis in Southern Oregon
John, I see that you turned the long spindle between centers. Better performance had be obtained by other mounting methods. For example, mounting the drive end in a chuck and using a live center at the other end will allow about 30% increase in spindle length for a given spindle diameter or about a 17% decrease in spindle diameter for a given diameter without chatter. Chucking both ends rigidly allows about a 60% increase in spindle length for a given diameter or about a 30% decrease in spindle diameter. A simple, effective, chuck for the outboard end is easily made by boring and tapping a bit of aluminum rod to fit on the threaded nose of a Oneway live center as shown below. These are easily made for any tenon size of interest. Its mass and moment of inertia are negligible compared to those of the live center itself, so it does not increase the risk of twisting off the tenon on start up.

The above performance numbers came from engineering calculations and direct experimental confirmation that were posted on the AAW Turning Forum in August 2016.

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