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long thin spindles *PIC* ()

John K Jordan
I hope I know someone like you when I'm 91!

Very nice turning! That's with the bed extension, right? The longest one I've done on the PM with extension was with both the headstock and the tailstock just barely gripping their respective ends. I'm thinking of welding up a second extension from steel to put on the other end - I don't think it would be too hard. I think I can use two flat strips of mild steel with width and thickness the same as the lathe bed supported by a series of webs similar to the cast one on the lathe.

I turned a long one like yours but from dry hickory and it about wore me out! It was harder to do than the 26" pointers that taper down to 1/8". Some day I might break down and make a steady rest. Nah, what would be the challenge in that! :)

One thing I did find that helped with finishing "cuts" on problem spindles was a flat cabinet scraper held at an angle on the top of the spindle. I was too stubborn to give up and stoop to sandpaper! I have read that some people use a hand plane for cylinders and tapers but I never tried that.

Are you thinking of a wooden hook? It might be fun to make one from steel or brass but probably too heavy. I've got some thick aluminum stock if you want to try that. Might be light enough in weight. I also have both white and green HDPE if you want to try cutting a hook from that. (1" thick, big sheets) Hey, how about using some of that 1/2" titanium tubing somehow? That would be very light weight and I think it can be heli arc welded.


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