on a different scale *PIC*
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long thin spindles *PIC* ()

GaryG in MD
Funny you should mention.
Bit of a story here.
I want to make a tiny ladder, SW style -- won't say why right now -- save that for the future.

So I turned a foot of unknown wood down under 1/8" with the intent of chopping it into bits for the ladder. Did it an inch at a time with a very shallow 3/8" spindle gouge (almost Continental shape -- call it a bent skew with the edges turned up) holding it in a collet chuck and running it freely through the center of a pen mandrel live center.

But it would make a cool tall goblet stem! Can't bear to cut it up.
So I made another one to cut up. Now I have two goblet stems!
Can't win.
To be continued...

Sorry for the blurry pic -- my old "phone" won't focus properly.
Actually, it's a heart monitor, but that's another story.

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