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John K Jordan
I'd love to see a new thread with tips/discussion by John Lucas and others with experience in cutting threads in wood with a jig. I have the Baxter and have made a couple of small boxes from ebony so far, both about 1" at the threads.

For example, how to best determine the depth of cut. I use the 16 tpi head and the instructions said to cut .035 deep (if I remember correctly) but on my first little box that didn't seem deep enough inside the lid (gaboon ebony) so I made another cut for about .045 or so total depth. This seemsed to work fine, at least for ebony. I assume the sharper tips would chip on something like walnut.

I'm making sketches now for some larger boxes. Any tips, guidelines, and experiences would be helpful, both on the mechanics of making the threads and on the logistics - for example, do you find it easier to do external threads first then internal, or what? Are fewer threads sometimes better than more?

When I get this down I'll move on to thread chasing!

My 1st try:


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