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john lucas
I have lots of horror stories. Here are a few. Went to lunch one day and saw a huge ambrosia maple log. about 30" in diameter and 15 feet long plus lots more limbs and such. About the best Ambrosia I have seen. Had to go back to work and figured I'd stop in and talk to the people when I got off in 4 hours. Yep, it was gone.
A friend and I saw a very large walnut tree being loaded into a truck by the city. We inquired as to where it was going. They said the Mulch site. So we went there after work and there was the log. Nope, would not let us even go inside the fence. It was turned into mulch.
We had very large holly trees all over campus but had been planted too close to the buildings. I heard they were going to remove them soon so I gave them my card and talked to the head of maintenance who was a friend and he said they would call. Yea right. Not a single phone call. Went to the landfill to see if I could find them but couldn't.

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