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Keith Newton
On my way back from the cabin last weekend, I was near the location of one of Arkansas's champion trees, the Catalpa. When I drove up, it was in a pile. I drove back to the business at the head of the road in Prattsville to inquire, they gave me permission to get some, but it was raining, so I went on.

There were some burls on it, although they looked more like just big swirls than full of bud-knots. He said they plan to burn it pretty soon, so if any of you Arkies want any, you should get on over there this weekend.

I think the name of the business was Allen's something. It'll probably show up on a maps app, and might be worth a call before driving very far.

Here is a pic of me in it about 10 years ago. It really looked larger in real life than this. Catalpa smells like creosote when your working it, and it has great resistance to insects and decay, so will last a long time outside.

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