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I'd like to see how? ()

john lucas
My mind just went blank on what the device is called but it's an offset mill holder. I put a boring bar in it with the cutter facing toward the center of rotation. offset the cutter so it's slightly larger than the diameter you want. The clamp the tool rest to the crossfeed table and align it dead center with the mill. Now you just move the cutter in until it cuts and feed the cutter straight down. It could done on a drill press since since the offset tool holders are morse tapers. I'll take a photo later tonight. It's much easier if you can see what's being done.
Think of it like enlarging a hole that's already been drilled but reverse the cutter so it's taking of metal on the inside of the circle instead of the outside. It could of course be done on a lathe with a large faceplate to to align the tool rest but that would be a bear and require a lathe with a large swing.

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