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William Rogers
The first thing I would do is offer a club member a fantastic deal on the whole package or part package if a member is interested. That would cost me, but that is part of being in a club with great members. Seems the trend is to sell without some of the tool rest. I would most likely offer the lathe with the 12" and 4" tool rest. That would leave me with the inside bowl rest, outside bowl rest, and 9" J rest. Still undecided on the offset banjo. Please remember the post size is
1 1/8", specific to PM 90's. I'll let you know Paul to see if you are interested. I have no doubt the tool post sill sell. I also have a nice index system I paid $90 for and have made a rotary vacuum adapter attached to a second hand wheel. This is a great set up for a PM 90 and I was considering going to a 2hp VFD before I jumped ship so to say.

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