A near disaster

John K Jordan
>>>Makes a LOT of sharp little curls! We typically brush these away with a rapid swipe of the hand, which turns out to be a not-so-great idea with sharp metal curly-q's. :b

I discovered another thing that needs caution. Those little spiraling curls went everywhere. One fine brass curl landed in one particular place behind the lathe and waited patiently for the exact moment to scare the pee out of me. It was resting on top of a 110v plug plugged into a receptacle.

Much later I reached down to remove the plug. As it started to loosen in the receptacle the tiny brass shaving dropped into the gap and shorted across the 110v prongs. The result was a bright flash and a loud report as the shaving vaporized. Woke me right up. It might have knocked me right out if my head had been a little more to the right.

The process created a very nice brass vapor and smoke enhanced receptacle cover which made a nice club safety show&tell.

Note to self - when turning metals where an electrical receptacle is behind the lathe, tape a appropriate paper shield to the wall.


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