Friday Christmas Puzzler

Alex Y
In each of the following eight statements about Christmas, you can change one letter to reveal a state capital. For instance, if the statement was "I am a lover of all things Christmas", Change the L in "lover" to a D for Dover, the capital of Delaware.

This is not much of a challenge with a list of state capitals in front of you, so resist the temptation, and just reply with the number and the state whose capital is revealed for each one you discover.

1. The kids made a lot of noise unwrapping their presents.

2. Did you hear Santa Claus landing on the roof?

3. Christmas is a season of traditional sacraments.

4. The little sock hanging by the fireplace is my baby brother's.

5. You'll have to pierce the packaging to get out the Christmas ornament.

6. Julys and Augusts are when stores place their Christmas orders.

7. Is this the same Santa we ran into at the other mall?

8. I can't wait for the after-Christmas sales.

Credit to Will Shortz on NPR.

P.S., I did poorly on this before checking a list of capitals, but my daughter got 7/8 just having them read to her, without even seeing them written. Guess my wife contributed those genes!

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