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Alex Y
Ed and Larry, I agree that the illustration provided by Ed is the quickest way for the duck to get to the critical point at which he heads straight for shore. I did it with a spreadsheet and came up with the duck reaching critical point after spiraling through 90 degrees, just like Ed's illustration.

My only disagreement is the description of this spiral as one in which the duck keeps the cat on his 6 (and maybe I misread the intent?). I think instead, the duck keeps the cat across the pond from him. Ed's illustration shows the cat being on the duck's 6 as the escape begins, but by the time the duck gets through 60-80 degrees of the spiral, the cat is across the pond, on the ducks ~4 o'clock position. The cat will be on the duck's 3 o'clock when the duck gets ready to turn 90 degrees to the left and swim for the shore.

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