Friday Puzzler -- 10 in 1

Alex Y
This is actually ten puzzles, one for each digit.

For each digit, use that digit (and that digit only) exactly three times along with any mathematical symbols to form an expression equal to 6.

I'll take the easiest one as an example. For 2, we have a few choices:
2+2+2 =6
2+2*2 =6
2+2^2 = 6
and there is another using /, but I won't give that one here, since it is a clue to too many others ;-) .

You are not limited to the four basic arithmetic operations. For instance, sqrt is allowed, since its symbolic representation does not include a digit. However, cube root is not allowed except in a solution for the digit three, since the symbolic representation of that operator includes the digit 3.

Don't wait to get all ten--post solutions for each digit as you find them.

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