Friday Puzzler -- Turning Squares *PIC*

Alex Y
This one is actually about wood! Some physics knowledge (Newtonian only) will help, but the answers may be interesting, even if you don't work on a solution. If you have some samples of different woods and want to experiment, empirical research is a valid solution!
You are given four turning squares that are each 1.5"x1.5"x8". (Note that if you are experimenting, the dimensions are not critical -- just square in cross-section, and longer than it is wide.) The materials, along with assumed specific gravities are as follows:
Balsa, sg = .15
Douglas Fir, sg = .50
Maple, sg = .75
Osage Orange, sg = .85

When the four are put into a tub of water, they will all float, with Balsa floating very high, and Osage Orange nearly all submerged. But how will they be oriented when viewed from an end? Here are three choices:

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Friday Puzzler -- Turning Squares *PIC*
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