Erin go Braugh!! The Answer
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Triviola? On Friday? ()

Thomas Skaggs, Foothills of Mount Level
>Sorry to post the answer so soon but I'll be away from my computer for the rest of the day...maybe even tipping a pint or two.

A shillelagh is a wooden walking stick or club. This Irish word means "oak club" and the walking sticks originated from an old oak forest called Shillelagh. Irish people enjoy having their own "sprig of shillelagh" and they often tie green ribbons around the shillelaghs. Sometimes the shillelaghs are used for a traditional Irish game called hurling. This game which uses a ball and stick is like a combination of lacrosse and field hockey. The Gaelic name for this sport is iomain and it is rarely played outside of Ireland. Unfortunately the original Shillelagh forest was cut down by the timber industry.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tommy, wearing the green and tipping my cap to my kin in County Fermanagh.

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