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Gary Smyth
>Well clearly nothing to do with wood except for the name. My intent was to point out that when people were at loggerheads there were “gentlemen” progressing past conversation and itching for a fight. At that point they were generally looking for something heavy to swing.

I had to look it up myself and all of you were correct. Robert E. correctly identified the Lanius ludivicianus- also known as a Butcher bird. (Unusual bird, size of a robin with no talons, meateater. It catches prey then impales it on a thorn or sharp sliver for the kill). He also got the post on the stern of a whale boat through which the harpoon line was passed (though why the STERN seems counter productive to the sleigh ride and just asking for the boat to be flipped). Dan got creative with the stubborn lumberjack. Truth is that it is defined also as a blockhead or stupid person. Bill worked out the turtles and the itching for a fight and Jim got the definition I was originally hoping for in that a loggerhead is a metal rod with a square or rounded tip that was heated red hot and usually located in an inn, pub or bar. This was thrust into a pitcher of 2/3 beer, 4oz of rum, some molasses, perhaps a touch of wine, chocolate, spices, dried citrus, pumpkin or whatever else might be available. This made the liquor foam and bubble and gave it a burnt, bitter taste that was the taste of the day. Sort of the colonial equivalent of a "sex on the beach" club drink.

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