1st question not wood but..

Gary Smyth
>By the light of the Hunter's Moon this is not woodworking but it’s worth a thought or two. It was more interesting than what I had planned.

_____ September/October,2005

The Office of Naval Research announced the christening of the (one word) Electric Ship (one word) on (month) 24, 2005. The ceremony took place at the Naval Surface Warfare Center…Chief of Naval Research…Admiral… delivered the address and…wife of vice president of naval engineering… broke a bottle of champagne across the bow… 133 foot long ship (about 25% estimated size) will serve as a model representing a destroyer size ship…. An underwater discharge waterjet ...allows the vessels to operate in shallow water with increased maneuverability and stealth…and a propulsor…for evaluation…that relies on a permanent magnet motor to drive the propeller.

With the exception of the parenthetical statements this is a published press announcement. So not a secret base.

The question is: Where is this base located for medium to large models and other stealthy ships tested. Hint it is within continental U.S. waters, and I think by location unusual. I get the feeling that the small community of scientists at that base must be similar to Los Alamos during WWII

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1st question not wood but..
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