Re: Dipping My Toe In The Vacuum Press Water

Ralph Lipeles
When I was a youngster I convinced my mother that I could make mahogany furniture for the room that I shared with my brother for a lot less then she was going to pay a decorator that was going to make pine furniture that would be painted. I told her that she would have to pay for a table saw and a sander. She agreed. I built the furniture from plywood and pine. I then went to Constantines to but the veneer. They told me that the plywood grain would eventually show through the mahogany veneer. I was told that I had to cover all of the plywood surfaces that would be veneered with 1/8" masonite. I got the masonite and did that. I used contact cement to secure both the masonite and veneer. Wouldn't contact cement work for you?

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