Re: Dipping My Toe In The Vacuum Press Water

Barry Irby
I built a system a few years ago and used it a little. Loaned it out to a cabinet company who used it a lot.

I made my platen out of a sheet of MDF that I cut in half and doubled. It's gotten a lot heavier as I aged. The bag I made out of some clear vinyl I bought at Walmart and sealed it with E-6000. It has held up well. I close the bag by rolling it around a piece of plastic pipe and snapping another over it. I "ripped" the cover pipe on the TS. For a stem or outlet I bought a tire stem at an Auto supply, glued it in and removed the valve stem from it. Also bought a snap on filler valve that will stay in place. To improve air flow out, I used mesh shelf liner.

I have a small Gast pump and just let it run. Might be better to use an intermediate tan and a pressure switch. Apparently it does not hurt this type of pump to run moving no air. Just kills my frugality gene to hear it running for hours apparently doing nothing.

So, mostly home made.

In your case I would make the platen out of MDF and cut it to size, slightly over sized and round over all the corners.

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