Dipping My Toe In The Vacuum Press Water

Ken Krawford
I've got a veneer project that needs to be vacuum bagged and I have no experience and little knowledge in this area. Like most thing in woodworking, this looks like a somewhat expensive endeavor.
The piece I'm going to be veneering is 52" x 26" and I'm trying to decide on a bag size that is adequate. A 2' x 4' is too small so it looks like a 4' x 6' is required. I'm a bit intrigued with making my own "custom sized" bag and saving a bit of $ but wonder if I'm better off buying a standard bag.
It appears that Joe Woodworker aka Veneer Supplies is a good vendor but am open to other sources.
On an impulse I picked up a 3 CFM vacuum pump several months ago but upon further inspection I see it's a vane type pump that Joe strongly advises against. Will it work for very occasional use or is it doomed?
Any other words of wisdom are appreciated.

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