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Chuck Hans
To avoid that last nasty cut you spoke of, I made some spacers to avoid the same issue with that last cut.
I cut a strip of hardwood the width of my saw blade, and about 20 inches long, and tested the size in a saw kerf cut into another pece of scrap.
Then cut some 1/4" plywood about 2" X 5" Then make a saw kerf right down the center of the plywood cutting in the long direction about half way through the ply.
I cut two of the plywod pieces down to about 3" long that I use for the end of my boxes

Glue in pieces of the strip that was previously sized to fit the kerf and clamp until dry.
when cutting a box apart I make my first cut on the longer side of the box, insert one of the longer spacers and use masking tape to hold it in place. then move on to the end and repeat using one of the shorter spacers. rinse and repeat, then when you get to that final cut your box will not fall apart, and I find it a lot safer to do this way. I hope this long post makes sense. LOL

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