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eliot feldman
I think I've figured out a safe way to do it on the TS without shims, etc. Again, I hesitate to act like a smartass because I haven't done it yet. But I think what should work and feel friendly is to get a piece of plywood as wide as the height of the box and about three times longer than the longest side of the box. Then double stick tape the box down on it in such a way that the top of the box and the right edge of this plywood ride against the fence with a good part of the plywood behind the box so that you can use a feather board to hold the setup firmly againt the fence. The TS blade will have to be raised so that it goes through the thickness of this plywood and raised some more so that it just barely reaches into the inner groove. I'm not sure yet if I would do this for each cut or just the last nasty one when the box separates.

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