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John K Jordan
>>> go cutting without my wedges. Save much grief

I learned that 15-20 years ago. Wish I’d learned it 20 years before that. I usually carry:

… 5 wedges, small sledge hammer, measuring tape and lumber crayons, file, chaps, hard hat, eye/ear protection, hand saw, axe, oil/fuel, extra saw and/or bar&chain, wrench, screwdriver, prybar, phone or mobile radio. I usually take the little 4wd truck or 4wheeler. And these days, the excavator - what an amazing chainsaw accessory. 😎

Yesterday we had two tall (80’+) hackberry trees come down as one behind the barn, wet ground, winds, threatened but didn’t destroy the fence - one came to rest on the top of a fence post, holding it off the ground. Since it was close I went out with just the excavator and no saw - when I finished both trees were separated, delimbed, off the fence and on top of an earlier pile, and the big hole from the root balls filled in. Tomorrow I’ll take a saw and cut them up into pieces to load into the dump trailer. After using that machine a couple of years it’s hard to imagine maintaining this place without it!


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